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I don't know about you, but I spend a TON of time researching almost every product I buy.

Between being a foodie and wanting to find safe and healthy products for my family, I am always on the hunt for CLEAN, NON-TOXIC resources. 


My priority is to find high quality, carefully sourced products be they food items, vitamins and supplements, kitchen or home goods, or personal care products. 


This page is a result of many years and hours of research and testing. I only recommend products my family and I have personally used.


Keep in mind that many of these links are affiliate links (but not all) so I might make a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you choose to make a purchase through one of my recommendations below. This helps me keep Nourish & Cherish flourishing! The bottom line is I'm only telling you about things I've tried and would tell you about anyhow... and several of my favorites do not have any kind of affiliation. You can read my full disclosure here

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Favorite Clean Food Sources

Wild-Caught Seafood

Vital Choice Wild Seafood & Organics

Hands down, my absolute favorite trusted source for wild-caught seafood. We have been eating their products for years. All their seafood is flash-frozen at sea to ensure optimal freshness and nutrient density. They have rigorous standards for the fisheries they work with plus they conduct third party testing for contaminants. I'm in love with their king salmon, wild Alaskan cod, spot prawns and no-cook pink shrimp -- so easy to throw on salads! They also sell canned and smoked seafood, salmon roe (amazing!), grass-fed meat, soups, supplements and other organic goods like nuts, berries and chocolate. They ship on dry ice throughout the U.S. Their customer service is TOPS! You can learn more here if you want to experience the cleanest seafood on the planet


Artisan Grains & Breads

Anson Mills Organic Heirloom Grains

Look no further for the freshest and most flavorful heirloom grains. This small mill in South Carolina has no affiliate program, but I can't recommend them enough! From buckwheat to blue corn to stone cut oats to rustic flours to Carolina gold rice and Southern beans, you won't find BETTER flavors anywhere. A must for foodies! Check out my recipe for Organic Heirloom Blue Cornbread if you need a place to start! Browse the mill here!

War Eagle Mill

In operation since the mid-1800s, this mill still runs by the water power of War Eagle Creek in Arkansas! All of their flours, grains and cereals are organic and non-GMO. I used to shop from the mill directly (but shipping was a bit pricey). I am delighted to see their products are now on Amazon with free Prime shipping! My favorites are their blue corn meal and yellow corn meal; their organic buckwheat and tri-color popcorn are tasty also! You can browse their full line of products here

Grindstone Bakery (Organic Gluten-Free Bread)

Whether I'm on or off gluten, I enjoy this tasty artisan bread from a small bakery in California. Mario the Baker is a master chemist who has been experimenting with alternative grains since his youth growing up among grain fields in Argentina (plus he returns phone calls!). He not only sprouts his alternative grains, but also ferments them for optimal digestion. We can't get enough of his Gluten-Free Sprouted Seed Quinoa/Millet Loaf, which is best toasted and smothered with grass-fed butter, nut butters, cheeses, avocados or fruit! I also love his Gluten-Free Cinnamon Raisin Quinoa/Millet Loaf! Shipping is free all over the US (you have to order 4 loaves, but they freeze beautifully). No affiliation here; just telling you about some terrific GF bread! Shop Grindstone Bakery here!

Clean Pantry Staples

Salt Works Gourmet Salt

I'm pretty obsessed with salt. It's a terrific source of naturally occurring minerals, including essential trace minerals that support healthy aging. Unlike regular table salt (in that blue container we all know), unprocessed salt doesn't contain sugar or anti-caking agents. Salt Works is my all-time favorite. I use it for cooking and also for adding to filtered water to boost my mineral intake. Loaded with over 80 trace minerals, it's cheap to buy in bulk and lasts forever! My favorites are the small grain (course) and fine grain (like regular salt) Ancient Ocean Himalayan pink salts. They also sell a beautiful array of salts harvested from all over the planet. Check out all the pretty colors and flavors here -- plus you can boost your mineral profile by cooking with a few varieties!











Simply Organic Black Pepper

If you like black pepper, I recommend a freshly cracked and organic version. This ensures you are getting the full benefits of this amazing spice that promotes digestion, healthy liver function and even fights off disease in the body. Piperine is the magical compound found in black pepper that is best activated with fresh grinding. I have always been a big pepper connoisseur and find Simply Organic Whole Black Peppercorns to be the freshest and most pungent. Spices can be heavily sprayed with pesticides so getting organic spices, especially commonly used ones like pepper, is a must! You can shop the Simply Organic Black Pepper varieties here! 

Life Extension Extra Version Olive Oil

This extra virgin, unfiltered California Estate olive oil blows others out the water. It's made from USDA-certified organic olives that are hand picked when ripe (hello, maximum nutrient density!) and then cold-pressed within hours of harvest. This deeply pure process leaves over 800 mg. of polyphenols in tact-- the antioxidants shown in studies to promote cardiovascular and brain health! I consider it both medicinal and culinary. I used to believe, like many of us did, that olive oil was not safe or stable for high heat cooking. Fortunately, a 2018 study from Australia put that myth to rest proving that high quality extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), like this one, beats other oils in the stability of its polar compounds. I use it in all my cooking! It's pretty strong stuff and tastes a bit peppery (as good EVOO should-- that's the antioxidants talking) so a little goes a long ways! I love that it comes in a dark glass bottle (no plastic) to keep it alive and fresh. I used to purchase directly from Life Extension, but Amazon now has a better price! If you want to up your olive oil game you can check it out here!

Alive Coconut Oil

Frankly, I don't really like coconut oil. When it became a nutrition trend many years ago, I tried to get on board, but found it made everything taste tropical. That annoyed the foodie in me! However, I have found a time and a place for this fragrant fat that has so many health properties. From healthy muffins and smoothies to treating skin issues like bug bites and eczema, coconut oil has worked its way back into my kitchen (and medicine cabinet). My favorite is this bioactive organic extra virgin coconut oil by Coconut Secret. Not only is it raw, but also "alive" as it goes through a spinning process that enhances permeability and absorbability. I don't know the science behind it, but I can say that it smells and tastes fresher and better than other coconut oils I've tried. It also lasts a long time! I appreciate that comes in dark blue glass jars as fat is highly absorbable and plastic containers are often full of hormone-disrupting chemicals. The dark glass color also helps prevent rancidity. You can see if this nutritious option is for you by going here or looking for it at your local health food store!

One Degree Organics Sprouted Rolled Oats

I've been enamored with these gluten-free oats for a while now. They are sprouted making them easy to digest and quick to cook. They also have a variety of cereals, granolas, oat flours, and breads all of which are made with sprouted flours and legumes for optimal digestion. They are a family-owned company and they travel all over the world to partner with farmers who support best practices for supporting their communities and nurturing healthy soil. I love to load up a bowl of oats with protein, healthy fats and fresh fruit for any easy breakfast. Great for other oat recipes like granola, cookies and muffins! You can check out their various products here!

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Reverse Osmosis Water Filter
Bluewater Spirit Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier
I wish I could review dozens of water filters I have tried and give you a top 10 list. But I haven't had to go beyond the one we have had for over a decade. It's amazing! Bluewater is a Swedish company committed to providing high performance home water filtration products. We have the Bluewater Spirit which fits under your kitchen sink and is easy to maintain (you'll have to get a plumber to install like most RO systems). It's tankless so it doesn't require much space. And here is the crazy part-- it can filter over 43 gallons per hour -- most of the best ones filter up to 50 gallons per day! It's ideal for larger families, those with medical needs (which is why we got it in the first place) and home chefs! It does all this on super low energy and without wasting a ton of water like many RO systems do (when we fill up our glass bottles for the day we capture the small amount of initial unfiltered water for other uses). I love that it fills on demand 24/7 so there is no waiting around. It also filters tap water at a much higher purification grade -- it weeds out up to 99% of chlorine, heavy metals, chemicals, bacteria, viruses and other contaminants. Phenomenal!!! We have well water and have this filtered water lab tested (and will again soon) and it remains as pure as you can get! It's pricey up front, but a worthy health investment depending on your needs for purity and volume. I'm sure there are other great, cheaper options out there, but if you are ready to upgrade your home drinking water to a low-maintenance, high performance, ultra pure system I highly recommend checking out the Bluewater Spirt line here! Oh, the replacement filters can be hard to track down at times (not sure why, except they are from Europe) so I'm adding a link here for the filters (usually we replace ours every 4-6 months). The linked photos at right show you what it all looks like and below you can browse some other good options and prices. I can't recommend this system enough!
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