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What are we supposed to eat?!

From fad diets to fabulous food photos, we are inundated with myriads of ideas about nutrition and food. 


Should we go low-fat, high carb... or high-fat, low carb? Keto? Paleo? Plant-based? What’s the deal with dairy and gluten? Does celery juice hold all the answers? Will fasting make me live longer?


It’s enough to make a person give up and grab some cereal and milk for dinner! 

Functional, holistic nutrition

Functional, holistic nutrition considers the whole person-- body, mind and spirit-- while also addressing various root causes of nutritional imbalances. 


This includes not just the food you eat, but also your daily activities, the type of work you do, current stress levels, your family history, environmental exposures, genetics and more.


While you can eat your greens, hit the gym, and take some vitamins, you may not get the desired benefits if you are working at a high stress job, eating in your car, exposed to toxic chemicals, or eating the wrong healthy foods for your body. Functional, holistic nutrition slows down to consider all pieces of the puzzle and this site is here to support you in this discovery.

21st Century Wellness

Let's face it. It's the 21st century. We are all stressed, we are all exposed to toxins, and none of us have enough time. This is compounded by a pandemic that has rocked the entire planet!


If that weren't enough, chronic diseases of our century have been piling up like hotcakes (pardon the pun): diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Lyme Disease, autoimmunity, hormone imbalances, infertility-- the list goes on and on. 


Taking charge of our health is now more crucial than ever to survival on this planet! Food is a powerful starting point that anyone can address at anytime no matter where they are at in their health journey.

Our bodies have been designed with an incredible capacity for survival and regeneration. 


Are you ready to take back your health?

Let's Get Started!

Image by Nadine Primeau

Time to Eat!

Nourishing food and beverage recipes, healthy cooking tips and research-based nutrition information so you can start making changes today! 

Image by Liana Mikah

Stay Healthy!

Holistic wellness tips for health challenges ranging from the common cold to hormone imbalances to allergies to food sensitivities.

Image by Francesca Hotchin

Clean House!

Daily detox strategies ranging from air repair to water quality to cleaning up your home and personal care products so you can nourish your whole self.

Image by Ben White

Stay Sharp!

Cutting-edge info on the brain-body connection and steps you can take to stay sharp, active, and engaged through every decade of life!

Organic Vegetables

Know Your Sources!

Get the low-down on ingredients, "health food" labeling and tips for finding nutrient dense food in your community (and online), plus inspiration from real food stories!

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Trusted Resources!

My favorite clean and functional resources for your kitchen, home and family. A result of hours of research and hands-on experience with links to shop!

Hey There!

I'm Roxie and I'm so glad you're here! I'm a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner living in Sedona, Arizona.

I believe in food as medicine and that it's never too late to improve your health with functional, holistic nutrition! 


“Let food be thy medicine

and medicine be thy food.”

― Hippocrates, 400 BC
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